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For the sake of successful school management and for a better educational level .... Azr Technology offers a school management program, an integrated administrative system that serves the school administration, teachers and students, opens communication channels between the school and parents, and is characterized by simplicity and low cost .. And in solidarity with the schools according to the quality project The company offers offers to design professional websites for schools at prices that match the school's capabilities. The most important features: User interfaces compatible with different usage screens of devices. Support for the Hijri and Gregorian calendar, support for multiple languages ,(English, Arabic) and the ability to define new languages. - Supports realtime tracking feature so that parents can monitor the bus or students using the smart watch. A complete HR system in the school to add employees and keep track of vacations, salaries and assessments. - Follow-up of tuition fees and the school's financial system and carry over fees for financial movement. Introduce the school to its buildings and all its departments and administrations. Familiarizing all teachers with their basic and academic data and contact information. Defining the academic stages with the components of their classes and their divisions. Editing the necessary introductory pages about the school and updating them with information, events, news, and what can be added and published. Add students' attendance and discipline data and issue notices of their tardiness. - Add transportation data for students, its route, and details of its movement. - Adding the educational path data in terms of plans and duties and submitting exams online. Reviewing various reports of students' levels, attendance, exams, leave, etc., with various options for those reports. Parents' monitoring of their children's accounts. Order it now, get a 50% discount, and receive it at the beginning of the next academic year

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